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Noe Sage Counseling & Consulting

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Hi, my name is Colette and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I recognize that for some researching a counselor and entering therapy can feel like a big step and I look forward to connecting. Grief work is my passion and an area of great interest. I also work with clients who are navigating career stress, addiction, anxiety, life changes, and more. My goal is to meet you with care, compassion, and support, and to create a place to process and honor your experiences. I believe that it is possible to hold both pain and joy.

We can process the past to see where patterns emerged from, examine thoughts, beliefs, and actions to manage stress in the present and use mindfulness and CBT tools if desired. Grief work can include support for trauma, and the opportunity to develop practices and rituals to honor our loved ones and remember to take care of ourselves amid great despair.

I invite you to take a deep breath and if it feels right, schedule an appointment with me.

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Virtual Services

Noe Sage Counseling 

  • Specialized mental health grief counseling for adults 

  • Maternal health counseling on topics such as pregnancy complications and miscarriage

  • Additional topics include developing coping skills, managing anxiety, navigating life changes, and career counseling 

  • Individual and group counseling 

  • Available for Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & California Residents 

Noe Sage Consultation

  • Individual Grief Consultations

  • Grief Consultation Groups

  • Maternal Health Advocate

  • Educational Presentations 

  • Available globally 

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To schedule a consultation or to find out more information about my work, send an email or call.  

Thanks for reaching out! I will get back to you shortly.

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